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*Third Eye Activation* Set of 5 Spiritually Enhancing Powerful Crystals ♥


Your set of 5 will be intuitively hand-picked out of the following crystal inventory:


Sodalite, Moonstone, Angelite, Labradorite, Iolite, Blue Calcite, Serpentine, Kyanite, Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli. 



Crystals are both rough/raw and tumbled; your set will have a combination.


You will receive FIVE (5) crystals out of the inventory mentioned above.
Crystals vary from 1 - 2" each in size. 


I made this set for any one looking to activate or open their pineal gland (Third Eye Chakra). This set is a great tool to help you open up to the spiritual realm, grow or gain access to your intuitive abilities, connect with your spirit guides and access your higher self. Please see below the properties for each healing crystal:



Lapis Lazuli Properties:


Known for warding off evil.
Heightens intuition.
Stimulates the pineal gland.
Helps to reveal inner truths.
Promotes clarity & honesty.
Chakra: Third Eye & Throat



Angelite Properties:


Known as the angel stone
Directly connected with your guardian angels & spirit guides
Promotes communication & self expression
Removes fear and anger, bringing in peace & calmness
Chakra: Throat & Third eye



Blue Calcite Properties:


Aura protection.
Enhances creativity.
Promotes relaxation.
Soothes emotions.
Helps to lower blood pressure.
Known as the "stone of the mind" - heightens learning abilities & enhances memory.
Aids in physical healing, known specifically to help joint and bone pain.
Enhances clairvoyance & intuitive instincts.
Chakras: Third eye & Throat. 



Iolite Properties:


Known as a Shaman Stone, a vision stone.
Inner self communication
Intuition opener and enhancer
Spiritual mastery, psychic enhancement
Excellent meditation stone
Aids in releasing addiction/addictive behaviors 
Chakra: Third eye, Throat



Moonstone properties:


Stone of new beginnings!
Growth & inner strength.
Enhances intuition.
Success & good fortune.
Helps us to see things more clearly.
Channels the moon & embodies goddess energy.



Labradorite Properties:


Stone of transformation.
Highly spiritual stone.
Protects the aura from negative energies.
Helps to uncover illusions.
Raises consciousness.
Chakra: Crown & Throat & Third Eye



Kyanite Properties:


Ability to harmonize the Chakras
Cleanser & used to dissolve energy or attachment from those who've hooked onto your energy.
Encourages communication & self expression to help speak ones truth
Intuitive stone: Activates physic channels and the minds center
Helps set healthy boundaries
Transfers a high vibration
Primarily known to help open the throat chakra ♥
Chakras: Throat & Third Eye



Sodalite Properties:


Known as the stone of Truth & Wisdom
Said to promote honesty & help one to speak their truth
Can help clear confusion & boost communication ability
Brings emotional balance
A great meditation stone
Chakra: Third Eye & Throat



Serpentine Properties:


Known as the “reptile” stone and stone of Mother earth for it’s appearance, Serpentine gets it’s name from it’s green color, resembling snakeskin; linking it to a transformation of “rebirth” that’s reflected in a snake shedding it’s skin.
Balances hormones & helps with fertility.
Aids in accessing deeper spiritual and psychic awareness. 
Works to clear stagnant energy in all chakras
Opens pathways to Kundalini energy.
Helps with muscle cramps.
Restores energy and replenishes cells in our body.
Aids in the absorption of calcium and magnesium in the body.



Amethyst Properties:


Deep spiritual enhancer.
Enhance meditation, astral projection/travel.
Crown Chakra & Third Eye activation.
Awaken intuitive & spiritual gifts.
Relieves stress and strain.
Dissolves negativity.

Third Eye Activation - Set of (5) Pineal Gland

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