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Book Your Energy Healing Session

26 Queen Street S
Bolton ON


Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes healing on an energetic level, it can help with physical ailments and helps to clear energetic blockages/stagnant energy in the body. Reiki can aid in stress and promotes a deep sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. 
What a Reiki session with me looks like:
Our session will include a meditation, hands-on reiki healing at the chakra center's & meridians, sound healing via crystal singing bowls and in-depth discussion. The session will end with an oracle & angel card reading. I will discuss in depth with you any messages, feelings and observations that came through during our healing session. Feel free to bring your favorite crystals as these will help amplify the energy and vibrational frequency. Crystals will also be provided.
What will I feel during and after a session?
During the session you may feel energetic releases, tension leaving the body, and/or relaxation. It is also common to feel deep emotion and even cry throughout a session. You may also feel sensations like heat, warmth, tingling or pulsing throughout the body as the energy flows. You may even fall asleep. By the end of the session you may feel lighter, refreshed, and have a sense of mental clarity. It is also common to feel tired and more relaxed after a session. These are all signs and indications of healing.
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