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Reiki Infused Naturally occuring Tangerine Quartz Necklace


This is NOT an AURA QUARTZ (aka an enhanced quartz). 


These naturally occurring Tangerine Quartz crystals form when there is moisture and hematite (another stone) surrounding the quartz. Hematite is an iron oxide and this creates the natural tangerine-colour on the surface of the quartz! ♥ Some tangerine quartz are more orange than others.


Please note that each quartz is it's own unique shape, SIZE, and shade of tangerine. Please note that some of my current lot have clusters on them which are absolutely beautiful. Others do not. You will receive an intuitively selected Tangerine quartz which may include a small cluster, or it may not.



Tangerine Quartz healing properties:


Known as a crystal of hope
Promotes growth and acceptance
Releases past traumas
Encourages forgiveness
Helps to overcome fear♥
Chakra: Solar Plexus & Sacral

Tangerine Quartz Necklace

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