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Reiki Infused Natural & Raw Amazonite Necklace♥


If you are familiar with Amazonite, you are aware that it comes in a variety of different shades of milky white green to ocean and sky blue. Each stone is unique in shape, size and colour. No two stones are the same; you will receive a similar stone to the one in the photos.


Amazonite Healing Properties:

Aids anxiety, stress & trauma
Calms the brain & soothes the nervous system
Directly related to our emotions; it helps to soothe tense & aggravated situations
Promotes compassion
Balances Yin and Yang
Aids in communication & worry
Intellect and intuition enhancer
Manifestation stone
Dispels negative energy and can help clear energy blockages
Chakras: Throat and Heart ♥
Amazonite is known to have many physical health healing benefits from lung & throat issues to tooth aches.
Amazonite was named after the Amazon River and some claim it was used by the Amazonians. Also historically used in Ancient Egypt, found in Pharaoh Tutankharun's tomb on his ring.

Raw Amazonite Necklace

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