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Reiki Infused Malachite Necklace ♥


These pendants are on the daintier/smaller side.


Malachite Healing Properties:

Transformation & Protection Stone.
Strong protection from negative energies
Guards against radiation and electromagnetic & environmental pollution.
Activates the chakras and is a tool for connecting with spirit
Malachite is known to help heal many ailments including blood pressure issues and healing wounds.
Promotes growth, progress and change.
Excellent stone for new relationships.
Chakra: ♥Heart♥


PLEASE DO NOT SHOWER WITH MALACHITE. I do not advise showering with any jewelry, but especially with malachite as it contains toxins which can be released in moisture and heat.


Each Malachite is it's own unique shape, size and cut. Please see photos of different shapes for reference as you will receive an abstract piece of malachite.

Malachite Necklace

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