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Introducing Luna: A Ring of Enchanting Moonlit Beauty. This magical creation features a captivating moonstone, shimmering with the ethereal glow of moonlight, set within a delicate, fairy-like design. Luna’s mystical allure captures the essence of celestial wonder and timeless elegance.

History and Healing Properties of Moonstone:
Moonstone, revered for its enchanting play of light, has a storied history that spans across various ancient civilizations. The Romans believed moonstone was formed from solidified rays of the moon, while in Hindu mythology, it was considered sacred and magical. The stone was also used in jewelry by ancient Greeks and Egyptians, who associated it with lunar deities.
Moonstone is primarily found in countries such as Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, and Myanmar. Its unique adularescence, a glowing light that appears to float under its surface, is what gives moonstone its distinctive and mystical appearance.
In terms of healing properties, moonstone is associated with the crown chakra and is believed to enhance intuition, calm emotions, and promote inner growth and strength. It is often used to aid in meditation, foster emotional balance, and inspire new beginnings. Moonstone’s energy is thought to bring harmony and hope, making it a powerful stone for transformation and emotional healing.


History of Goddess Luna:
Luna, the Roman goddess of the moon, is the divine embodiment of the celestial body that lights up the night sky. She is often depicted driving a chariot across the heavens, pulled by two horses. Luna’s Greek counterpart is Selene, and both goddesses are associated with the power and mystery of the moon.

Luna’s influence extends to various aspects of life, including time, tides, and cycles of growth and change. She represents the feminine energy of the universe, embodying the rhythm of the natural world and the mystical allure of the night.

Wearing the Luna ring, with its enchanting moonstone, invokes the goddess’s timeless grace and the magical energy of the moon. It offers a connection to the celestial and a touch of ethereal beauty, perfect for those who seek to embrace the enchantment of the night.

Luna - Moonstone

1 - 3 week lead time.
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