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Intentional Tea’s


Customized to your intention & can be made with any stone of your choice🤍🌿🍵🌼🌾🍄



Tea infuser is loose leaf style, however you can also place a regular tea bag inside if you do not have loose leaf at the time.



1 stone = $17

2 stones = $22

3 stones is an option, however it does weigh down your infuser. 




Some intentional tea infuser ideas:



Help with stress & anxiety 🧘🏽‍♀️

Manifest money and abundance ✨

Heart chakra healing 💓

Focus & clarity 🙏🏼

Third eye activation 🧿


Here we have a green aura quartz and rose quartz - a heart healing and heart chakra intentional cup of tea💓


On the right we have a black obsidian 🌙 and a raw orange calcite - for protection and negavtivity removal as well as sacral and solar plexus healing 🔶


I am ALWAYS here to help you choose your crystals! ❤️



Intentional Tea Infusers

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