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Reiki Infused Protective Crystal & Stone set


*Set of 4* Highly Protective crystals containing: Black Tourmaline, Pyrite, Smoky Quartz (Rough Point or tumbled) and Obsidian.


Tumbled or rough crystals listed above will be chosen based on availability and my intuitive guide when hand picking your order. Crystals are 1.5 - 2" each.

This set offers an extremely powerful combination of physical, spiritual and aura protection. I created this set to help individuals looking to protect their aura, their space, their health and repel negative energy♥

Please read below the powerful properties of each individual crystal;


Obsidian Properties:


Ancestral protection.
Safety & Security.
Absorbs negative energies.
Dissolves emotional blockages.
Highly protective stone.


Pyrite Properties:


A great protection stone - shields from physical danger.
Stimulates intellect & enhances memory.
Aids in helping to see "facades or hidden truths".
Luck & Abundance stone.
The ancient Incas used Pyrite for meditation and divination.
Chakra: Solar Plexus ♥


Black Tourmaline Properties:


Protection & Elimination of negative energy.
Protects against electromagnetic pollutions. 
Not only does it eliminate negative energy, but it will keep negative energies away from your aura, if you carry it/wear it.
Tourmaline is believed to strengthen both body & spirit, the nervous system, blood, and the lymph's.
Also strengthens the immune system.
Works to dispel, protect, clear & transform lower vibrational energy.
Highly cleansing stone.
Chakra: Root


Smoky Quartz Properties:


Neutralizes negative vibrations.
Powerful cleansing & detoxifying properties.
Protects against electromagnetic radiation.
Calms anxiety & disperses fear.
Cleanses the aura of negativity.
Can help aid in the release of spiritual blockages.

I Am Protected - Set of (4)

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