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Gorgeous Herkimer Diamonds in their natural beautiful shapes.
Each Herkimer diamond has its own unique shape and size.

My adjustable rings easily adjust comfortably from a size 6 - 9. Swap fingers on different days and enjoy the benefits of the adjustable bands!

Herkimer diamonds are a rare type of quartz💎 They are often transparent and have a colourless to a smoky color, they can also occur in clustered or intertwined crystal growths. The presence of minerals produce microscopic particles in the crystal, the most common being hydrocarbon.

Some Herkimer diamonds have more hydrocarbon minerals than others and give the herkimer a 💨smoky💨color. Liquid inclusions of petroleum and saltwater can also form in the crystal 🧊

💎Herkimer diamonds have naturally occurring facets and terminations.💎

Herkimer diamond 🔮metaphysical 🪄properties:

The frequency that comes with Herkimer diamond is known to remove energy blockages. It is a strong healing quartz as it increases the capacity of the body to process ✨light energy✨. It helps to remove stress, radioactiveenergy, and electromagnetic pollution🌏🌱

Herkimer Diamond Rings Adjustable

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