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Reiki Infused Small Hematite Necklace♥


These hematite pieces are small and dainty, approximately 1 - 1.5cm.

Hematite Healing Properties:

Known as the Stone of the Mind.
This is a great stone for empaths ♥
Hematite is one of earths most abundant minerals.
Enhances memory and mental attunement.
Balances yin and yang energy.
Great grounding stone.
Helps realize and overcome limits we place upon ourselves.
Dissolves negativity.
Balances emotions between mind body and spirit.
Great for meditation .
Enhances willpower, confidence and self-esteem.
Promotes courage.
Can aid physical ailments such as; blood disorders, anemia and helps with pain relief.

There is a wide misconception that Hematite is magnetic. Authentic Hematite does not cling like a magnet, however, some pieces of hematite can contain enough magnetite that they are slightly magnetic (a light pull) "Magnetic Hematite" is not true Hematite in terms of it's mineral composition. My Hematite is authentic, untreated and natural, full of it's mystical metaphysical healing properties♥

Hematite Necklace

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