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This set consists of (4) Crystals: Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Green Calcite & Pink Aventurine. 

I made this set for any one looking to encourage love, attract love, do heart chakra work & heal their heart Chakra ♥

Please note that this set consists of BOTH rough raw and tumbled crystals, you will receive either a tumbled or rough crystal based on availability and my intuitive selection.


Stone sizes approx 1 - 1.75" each, will vary per crystal. 


The heart chakra is related directly to both Green & Pink crystals. This powerful set will allow you to activate, open and heal your heart Chakra through intention and/or meditation♥


If you are unfamiliar with each crystal, please see below the amazing qualities of all 4 crystals individually.


You will receive a set of FOUR (4) crystals. 


Green Calcite Properties:

Amplifier and energy cleanser
Heart Chakra healer – clears pain and distress built up in the heart
Dissolves rigid/old beliefs and programming that may be holding you back
Helps to reach emotional balance
Boosts the immune system
Chakra: Heart



Rose Quartz Properties:


The crystal of universal LOVE!
Love, compassion, happiness.
Harmonizes relationships.
Encourages self-love, friendships.
Aids in deep inner healing and feelings of peace.
Chakra: Heart



Pink Aventurine Properties:


Calming energy.
Helps release limiting beliefs.
Enhances immune system function.
This stone has a strong connection to happiness and love.
Courage & Self-confidence.
Aventurine stones contain quartz, which means they also carry the ability to amplify energy.
Chakra: Heart



Green Aventurine Properties:


Stone of luck! Attracts luck & abundance.
Encourages personal growth & intellectual development.
Helps to release the old habits and bring in the new.
Gentle, calming crystal
Chakra: Heart

Heart Chakra Set - Love

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