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Handmade with love & Infused with reiki energy

1.5 x 20mm in size

sterling silver Or 14k gold filled

These earrings are the cutest addition to your hoop collection. Will feature dangle stone of your choice

Choose your stone in the dropdown list

Green Aventurine Properties:

Stone of luck!

Attracts luck & abundance

Encourages personal growth & intellectual development

Helps to release the old (habits, patterns), and bring in the new.

Gentle, calming crystal

Chakra: Heart

Rose Quartz Properties:

The crystal of universal LOVE!

Love, compassion, happiness

Harmonizes relationships

Encourages self-love, friendships

Helps to heal a broken heart and distress

Aids in deep inner healing and feelings of peace

Chakra: Heart♥


Attracts good luck.

Protective stone

Disperses fear

Balances yin and yang

Accelerates physical healing.

Increases calmness & eases anxiety.

Brings insight into complex situations.

Great meditation stone & enhancer.

Brings focus to the mind & provides clarity.

Radiates courage, confidence and willpower.

Brings focus to the mind & provides clarity.

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Carnelian Properties:

Boosts your willpower

Confidence builder

Energy enhancer

Blood purifying

Restores vitality & motivation

Protects against envy, rage and resentment

Fertility boosting stone♥

Balances the female reproductive system; hormones, ovaries etc.

Improves circulation and accelerates healing

Chakra: Sacral

Amethyst Healing Properties:

Deep spiritual enhancer

Powerful Protection Stone.

Enhance meditation, astral projection/travel

Crown Chakra activation

Awaken intuitive & spiritual gifts

Relieves stress, strain and eases anxiety

Dissolves negativity

Chakra: Crown & Third

Sodalite healing properties:

Known as the stone of Truth & Wisdom

Great Third Eye crystal and spiritual enhancer

Said to promote honesty & help one to speak their truth

Can help clear confusion & boost communication ability

Brings emotional balance

A great meditation stone

Chakra: Third Eye & Throat

Dangle stone earrings SS + 14k

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