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Reiki Infused set of 4 Raw Calcite Crystals


Your set will include one of each Calcite:


Blue CalciteOrange CalciteGreen CalciteHoney Calcite


Each calcite is unique and will vary in shape, size and cut. Crystal size will average 1 - 2" approx each.


Green Calcite Properties:

Amplifier and energy cleanser

Heart Chakra healer – clears pain and distress built up in the heart.

Dissolves rigid/old beliefs and programming that may be holding you back.

Helps to reach emotional balance

Boosts the immune system

Chakra: ♥Heart♥


Honey Calcite Properties:

Encourages your goals & creativity.

Enhances concentration

Releases negative traits

Eases worry and troubles.

Enhances manifestation

Self worth & Confidence.

Bright energy, success & abundance

Assists the immune system.

Accelerates growth, power & development

Raises consciousness - a great spiritual enhancer.

Saidto ease stomach related issues such as Digestion.

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Sacral & Third eye


Blue Calcite Properties:

Aura protection.

Enhances creativity.

Promotes relaxation.

Soothes emotions.

Helps to lower blood pressure.

Known as the "stone of the mind" - heightens learning abilities & enhances memory.

Aids in physical healing, known specifically to help joint and bone pain.

Chakras: Third eye & Throat.

A spiritual stone to help enhance clairvoyance & intuitive instincts.


Orange Calcite Properties:

Self confidence.

Courage + Inner strength.

Energy amplifier and cleanser.

Increases motivation + drive.

Helps to balance emotions.

Helps to remove energy blockages from the body.

Protective stone - shields you from emotional distress.

Aids in physical healing of restoring, repairing and strengthening ailments ex; joint pain and digestion.

Chakra: Solar Plexus & Sacral

Calcite Set of 4

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