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Reiki Infused Begginer Crystal Set


This set is great for any one just starting or adding to their crystal journey. If you are unsure where to start, this set offers one crystal for each essential area of healing & the metaphysical. This set includes the essentials which will encourage you to expand your journey into the crystalverse. 


♥Amethyst for protection♥
♥Selenite Wand to cleanse & purify your crystals♥
♥Rose Quartz for universal love♥ 
♥Clear Quartz to magnify and amplify your intentions♥


Below is a full list of each crystals properties. Each crystal will range from 1 - 2.5", though Selenite Wand which is 3" long. Natural, raw rough crystals. 


Clear Quartz properties:


High Vibrational Crystal
Clear Quartz is considered one of the most versatile healing crystals.
Magnifies & amplifies other crystals and intentions/energy.
Enhances awareness & growth
Great spiritual enhancer
Assists in clear communication
Chakras: ALL. Can be used for any Chakra - particularly great for the Crown Chakra.
Said to be named after the Greek word Krystallos for its resemblance of Ice & connection to mother earth.


Rose Quartz:


The crystal of universal LOVE!
Love, compassion, happiness
Harmonizes relationships
Encourages self-love, friendships
Aids in deep inner healing and feelings of peace
Chakra: Heart


Amethyst Properties:


Deep spiritual enhancer
Powerful Protection stone.
Enhance meditation, astral projection/travel
Crown Chakra activation
Awaken intuitive & spiritual gifts
Relieves stress and strain
Dissolves negativity




Known as the "Master Cleanser" for cleansing other crystals
High energy healing crystal
Highly protective & purifying properties
Connects you to the moon/lunar cycle, named after the Greek moon goddess Selene
Can help reveal things that are/have been hidden from you.
Working with Selenite can help things become "Clear and transparent"

Beginner Crystal Set of 4 - Amethyst Selenite Clear & Rose Quartz

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