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Reiki Infused♥


I named this set Amplified Love & Purity after the 3 major properties of each crystal.

You will receive:
1 clear quartz (Tumbled or pointed).
1 rose quartz (Rough/Raw)
1 three inch selenite wand ♥

Clear Quartz is known to intensify & amplify all other crystals as well as intentions
Rose Quartz is known as the universal stone of love ♥
Selenite is known as the master cleanser! Known for cleansing space and all other crystals

This set is full of high vibrational energy and positivity. See below for a more detailed metaphysical property list of each crystal.

Clear Quartz:
High Vibrational Crystal
Clear Quartz is considered one of the most versatile healing crystals.
Magnifies & amplifies other crystals and intentions/energy.
Enhances awareness & growth
Great spiritual enhancer
Assists in clear communication
Chakras: ALL. Can be used for any Chakra - particularly great for the Crown Chakra.
Said to be named after the Greek word Krystallos for its resemblance of Ice & connection to mother earth.

Rose Quartz:
The crystal of universal LOVE!
Love, compassion, happiness
Harmonizes relationships
Encourages self-love, friendships
Aids in deep inner healing and feelings of peace
Chakra: Heart

Known as the "Master Cleanser" for cleansing other crystals
High energy healing crystal
Highly protective & purifying properties
Connects you to the moon/lunar cycle, named after the Greek moon goddess Selene
Can help reveal things that are/have been hidden from you.
Working with Selenite can help things become "Clear and transparent"

Amplified Love & Purity Set (3)

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