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The Cosmic Crystal

Handmade Reiki infused crystal jewelry & Energy Healing 
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After many years of collecting crystals and stones, I decided to expand my knowledge of the metaphysical realm so that I could help others on their healing journey. After going through a difficult awakening, I started to explore shadow work and energy healing modalities to connect with my inner self and find peace. A lot of “unlearning” needed to be done. I was able to dive deep into my traumas and slowly learn to heal while creating a connection with the divine, spirit and the universe. As a child I was always fascinated with crystals and geodes, and that has immensely grown into a passion; a purpose. I am highly connected to crystals & gemstones and I feel their vibrational frequencies when working with them. They often assist me with connecting to my higher self and have helped me develop a deep connection with my intuition, spirit and guides. Through this unconditional love for the crystalverse I decided that I wanted to offer genuine healing stones and creations to others who are also on their healing journey; journey to enlightenment, exploring shadow work, connecting to the divine or expanding their consciousness.


I am a certified Reiki Practitioner, specializing in Holy Fire Reiki, a higher consciousness form of traditional Reiki. I am also an intuitive crystal healer. My reiki practice incorporates crystals & stones to amplify your healing while raising your energetic vibration.

The work starts with you ♥

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