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Manifestation & Intention sets ♥


Infused with reiki✨


All sets were intuitively selected to help you on your healing and manifestation journey.


Each set will be hand picked with the stone that calls out for you during your order process.



Sets include 3 small crystals & stone to amplify each intention. Crystal sizes will vary from 0.75" - 2 inches in size. Sizes will vary and average stone is approx 1" in size.


Love set: Green calcite, rose quartz and pink aventurine


Good luck set: Green aventurine, pyrite and tigers eye


Fertility & Hormones: Carnelian, serpentine and Chrysoprase


Protection set: Black tourmaline, obsidian and smoky quartz


Beginner set: Amethyst, clear quartz and rose quartz


Stress & Anxiety: Aqua aura quartz, Howlite and amethyst


Intuition & Third eye: Sodalite, chrysocolla and kyanite


Abundance set: Citrine, honey calcite and clear quartz



Crystal Intention sets - Manifestation - Intuition - Good Luck - Stress

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